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Burning Empire Media Presents - DVD

Image of Burning Empire Media Presents - DVD

$7.99 - On Sale

The Burning Empire Media/Dead in the Desert DVD includes:

- The Short Film "Dead in the Desert"
w/Press release photo gallery bonus

- Short propaganda film "Agenda"

- The Art and Photography of William Dickey

- "Angry Billy Clay" (short)

- Your Favorite Show episode 2
w/ The Old Vomit on a Pile of Manure Trick bonus

- The Northless Compass Music Video by horizon i
w/Album promo video bonus

- and even more bonus stuff

Presented in Widescreen (16:9)

This product is available elsewhere, and is sold by Burning Empire Media on those sites. However, the shipping costs are greater. We highly suggest that you buy this product through this site. With shipping it is $9.99 - everywhere else is over $10